Photo by Steven Kovich, my own personal, private photographer …
when Publix or Edward Jones isn’t keeping him busy

Hi! It’s me, Kevin. When I was a kid I was quite shy. Anyone that knows me now, and didn’t know me then, always laughs and thinks I’m being sarcastic when I tell them that. They don’t believe me at all. Today, if you start talking about the right topic, you might have a hard time shutting me up; especially if it’s about business, internet, search engine optimization, psychology, food, cooking, wine, drinks, relationships, books, pipes, tobacco, cigars, fast cars, etc.

Here’s an example of how introverted I was as a kid. My sister, Lisa, has always been extremely outgoing. Sometimes we would stay at our grandparents house for the weekend. So, one weekend we arrive at "mom-mom & pop-pop’s". I find a nice quiet corner and start reading a book.

Lisa hits the street and immediately starts collecting new friends. A little while later, she is like the Pied Piper with a trail of kids following behind her, heading back to the house. She is calling for me to come and meet her (approx.) 9 new friends.

I ran and hid so I didn’t have to deal with it because I would rather read my book in peace than deal with socializing. Sometimes I still do that! It depends on my mood. Did you know that a person can be both introverted and extroverted? I am. Whichever one suits me at the time. Cats are like that.

My mom, (may she rest in peace) couldn’t believe that I became a leader in business and sales; managing people, projects, customers / clients, and achieving great sales results in different industries. I think it’s because I kind of need to get my way, or else. I do whatever it takes to make that happen.

I can be super-serious and hyper-competitive when it comes to business. Other times I can be extremely silly and sarcastic. My girlfriend tells me I’m the silliest person she knows. I respond that "it takes one to know one … nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah." It’s no wonder I spent the first half of my career in the toy business. I was told that I was like Tom Hanks’ character in the movie, "Big".

I have a really loud laugh … really loud. It’s not on purpose. It just comes out that way when I think something is funny. It’s kind of like someone bellowing; "Ha ha ha ha!" Sometimes it makes people laugh. Other times, it makes them say, "Jesus Christ, that was loud!"

So here’s what it comes down to -

I work hard.
I play hard.
I take business super serious, and I’m pretty damn good at it.
I don’t take myself serious at all.
I laugh every day … loudly and a lot.
I sing really loud in my car.
I eat great food and drink great wine.
I have a ton of energy.
I have a great day, every day.

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